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    Olive S.

    Thank you. I was about to call him, I had my doubts but your review was what I needed. That is a pricey amount for a reading.

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      Hello Olive,
      Yes, definitely no Gary although there are folks that swear by him. May I recommend Ericka at http://www.coldcasepsychic.com/ or Alex (she’s a she) at http://www.alexwithangels.com/ or Jennifer at http://www.jenniferfarmer.com/. They are all excellent and I personally use them. We haven’t done reviews for Ericka or Alex…….We are planning to but as selfish as it may seem (and it is), we didn’t want to share them with you thinking that our wait period might increase, haha and sorry. We will have reviews posted by next weekend. Jennifer is great but your reading maybe 2 months out – email her and find out, she responds quickly.

      Another lady We thought was great was Veronica at http://www.sacred-offerings.com/. We have used her only once so no review until we do at least three readings but found her to be great. Don’t use the Lotus Tarot – it will get expensive right quick as they charge by the minute. Used only once, she was great but the cost went way beyond what we expected for a couple questions.

      Hope this helps. Let us know how your experience was or who you used (use our contact page – privacy). If it is someone we haven’t tried, we would like to do so.


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    I want to kindly educate you and clarify the misconceptions of psychics.
    I heard about Gary Spivey on the KDWB station, but have not met or had readings from him. He seems like a real nice & interesting guy. Whether or not you believe him is up to you. If he knows something about an incident in your life that you never mentioned, you can assume that this person has some psychic ability to an extent. A few of the misconceptions that I want to clarify are: Psychics are ‘GODS’ or are ‘psychics 24/7,’ they ‘know everything’ or “can read your mind,” and they “cold read or can predict your future.”

    I’m not a psychic myself, but am raised as an animism. Growing up as a child I heard of and knew a few psychics. Therefore, I have insights to what it’s like to be a physic. I am not speaking on behalf of them, but am only saying what I know as told. The first two misconception ‘Psychics are Gods’ and are ‘Psychics 24/7.”

    I’m sure this is clear to most people that psychics are not gods. They’re like any other being, except they have a talent: the ability to sense and grab a hold of information that the norm does not have access to. Being a psychic is like watching a T.V. When Psychics need to know something they tune into a channel and have access to that particular information. When they are not psychics they tune into their channel of “my everyday life.” Like everyone else they have a normal life with families. However, there is a limit to what they are allowed to know. This brings us to the next misconception of psychics “know everything or can read your mind.”

    They can only tell a lot about who you are, what you’re like, and sometimes hear your thoughts, but never get information that they don’t ‘NEED’ to know. They can’t invade in people’s privacy and can’t access whatever information they feel like knowing such as the lottery numbers.
    For all authentic psychics (not posers), there is what is called a ‘Universal spiritual Law.’ That law states that Psychics should speak and act ethically, and access information they only NEED to know (not want), and NO MORE THAN THAT! This applies to what you ‘think you need to know,’ may not necessarily be what you need to know. So information like your ‘death’ cannot be shared with you for the psychic will receive consequences. They cannot claim they can cure curses. They can’t cure curses, but maybe help you find solutions to your problem.

    The last misconception is ‘psychics cold read or can predict your future.” Psychics do not always have the answer and are not always correct. They can only work with the information they were given access to. These information most of the time are provided by spirits who are around that enables them to know what they NEED to know. They’ll see glimpse of your future, or maybe see scenes that’ll help them determine what your future could entail. However, a predication of your future will not always remain true. This is based on the decisions, choices you make and interferences in life that alters your future. This is similar to the lines on your palms. Those lines changes as you grow or when you reach different stages of your life. Whatever it is now, may change in the long run.

    I hope these clarifications help aid the way you perceive psychics. Although there are a lot of scammers in the market now days, there are still those spiritually gifted ones who are willing to offer genuine help. But helping does not mean to make life easier for you. Sometimes people are in the situation they’re in because they’re meant to receive a lesson from it. Psychic readings is not there to help you get the easy way out, but to help you beware so that you can avoid or prevent yourself from falling into that problem. The more you know, the more curious you’ll become and begin to set expectations and a belief for yourself. Sometimes, it’s better to not know than to know.

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      Thank you of your excellent insights.

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    Saw Gary today due to the fact my mother passed a couple days ago. He said she was in transition and they do not normally speak in that realm. I have to say nothing he said was mind blowing and I asked many questions. He gave typical answers that could or could not be true. He didn’t reference anything I knew that he should not. Seemed to be right on about my friend but then her situation happens probably more than we want to admit. Me…my Angels told me I should appreciate my husband more, he’s a great guy, yes they are right and will do. But in end not worth the $ and I’m big believer but he, sadly almost made me not. Seemed much better on the radio.

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      We completely agree. He is good but definitely not worth the money. I do like how Gary Spivey addresses demons that latch onto people. Not many psychics out there do but it is a true phenomenon. These 4th dimensional critters from the bowels of the universe are real and use us as their food sucking off our low vibration energy we give off when we are in fear, sad, or angry.

      Try anyone of the recommended psychics on our page. You won’t regret it.

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    A B V

    Wow…crazy observations here. I have dealt with Gary on several occasions and he has been spot on, mind blowing in fact. He has mentioned things that were impossible to pull out of thin air with no references or digging on his end.

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    I spoke with Gary a few weeks back asking if I should save up my money for infertility treatment or for adoption and he told me exactly the fertility issue I had without telling him. Then he said to do insemination and I will get pregnant. I didnt have time to mention that I did 2 inseminations already and it didnt work. SO i figured maybe he meant IVF. So I called back a couple weeks later and asked if I will be able to come up with the $12K for IVF anytime soon and he told me he didnt mean for me to do IVF, he meant the cheaper insemination I already did 2 of. He said 3rd times a charm. I will get pregnant with that 3rd insemination. Still deciding if I should listen to him or not. If if works the 3rd time, I would save thousands of dollars. But if it doesnt work, I couldve used that money towards IVF. Ahhhhhh!

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      I am certain it will be fine. Say good bye to sleep for awhile!


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