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Check out our playlist of videos for spiritual, truth seeking, learning and for plain ole fun.

The following are playlists we have currently available.  We will be constantly adding new titles to each of the playlists so be sure to check back often.  Please click on the titles for links to the appropriate page.  Videos shown below are the first video in each of the category’s playlist gallery.

Truth Seekers


Conspiracy theory be damned!  It’s conspiracy FACT.  Documentaries on a variety of topics from the New World Order to Illuminati to 9/11 to UFO to the true history of world and much, much more.  Subcategories will soon be added for browsing ease.

Law of Attraction

By now, many of you heard about the Law of Attraction from sources such as the movie/book, The Secret.  Well, the LOA has much more depth than it has been known to most.  Although the basic concepts are simple, the practice of it can be complex or overwhelming or just a shot in the dark.  Well, here are some videos that can help.

Out of Body Experience (OBE)

Didn’t think this real?  Well buckle up Dorthy ’cause you are in for a hell of a ride!  Enjoy the journey into another dimension, into a greater you, a more knowing you.  How can I get there you ask?  Check out these videos on your wonder filled journey.  Also use the link to below to Alternative Frequency Sounds for help in your new travels.

Serge King

A great Kahuna and just very easy to listen to.  A heart-centered philosophy of Law of Attraction and many of the videos have examples that you can apply right away.

Alternative Frequency Music

Sound frequency videos in Theta to Gamma to Delta to Alpha to Beta.  Use it for sleep, meditation, high focus, and to get into your subconscious effortlessly.  Variety of frequency and binaural sounds from multiple sources.

432 Hz Music

Classical music as it was meant to be heard.  Music played in A-key tuned to 432 Hz instead of the current standard of 440 Hz.  It really soothes the heart listening to classical music in 432 Hz.  Over 400 videos – try listening to 440 Hz and 432 Hz of the same song and see if you notice any difference.  We believe that you will FEEL the difference.



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